Bring your office hours online.
As learning shifts from physical to digital mediums, classroom intimacy gets left behind, communication becomes inefficient, and enrollment and graduation rates suffer. Bask brings communication, intimacy, efficiency, and distribution to online education where it matters most - through a modern office hours solution.
How Bask Works
The goal has always been to allow easy integration with Bask, enabling communication with a few short steps.
Integrate Bask - the online office hours solution - with your LMS.
Professors respond to students’ questions with 60 - 90 second videos.
The gap between digital and physical education disappears, making communication easier than ever for professors and students.
It’s easier than asking in person
Questions are answered in a bite-sized time frame - how students are accustomed to consuming content. When one student asks a question, a professor records an answer that is distributed to their entire class. A repository of all questions answered is availble for students - eliminating redundancy and saving professors and students time.
Why Bask Works
Open distribution to all Professor/TA’s students at the click of a button.
Bite-sized video matches user consumption habits.
Enables Professors and TAs to respond to or engage with any Students offline, 24/7
Answering a question once, answers it for ALL users, making ALL teachers’ lives easier.
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